Working with Mosaics and Layers

Each mosaic tile you create is stored as a resolution-independent object within the Corel Painter image database. This means that if you resize an image composed of mosaic tiles, your image can be displayed at the same quality as if it had been created at a higher resolution originally.

The image that you see displayed is the set of all mosaic tiles rendered as an image onto the canvas. Mosaics can be re-rendered at any time. Once you exit the Make Mosaic dialog box, you can treat this rendered image just like any photograph or painting. You can paint it, apply effects to it, select portions of it, or increase the canvas size. However, once you choose Re-render Mosaic, Corel Painter erases any image that is not a tile or grout.

The first thing the Mosaic feature does is cover the entire canvas with grout. This obliterates images that are on the canvas, but leaves objects that hover above the canvas, such as layers and shapes. These objects are not deleted, but they do cover up the mosaic you're working on. The Mosaic feature works with the entire canvas. You cannot apply mosaic tiles inside a layer.

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