Working with Watercolor Brush Variants

The Watercolor brush variants produce natural-looking watercolor effects. All Watercolor brush variants, except Wet Eraser, interact with the canvas texture.

Stylus pressure affects the width of the brush stroke for all Watercolor brush variants except Wet Eraser. Increased pressure widens a brush stroke; less pressure narrows a stroke.

Watercolor Dab Types

Refer to "Dab Types" on page 205 for more information about Watercolor Dab Types.

Water Controls

You can adjust the Water controls when you have selected a Watercolor brush from the Brush Selector bar. Located on the Stroke Designer page of the Brush Creator, or the Brush Controls palette, the Water controls allow you to specify various settings for your Watercolor brushes. For example, you can adjust brush size, control diffusion, and determine how the paper texture will interact with the brush strokes. Refer to "Water Controls" on page 245 for more information.

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