Adding symbols and special characters

Corel Ventura allows you to insert symbols and special characters in text. Symbols are characters that are neither numbers nor letters (for example, ^ ); special characters are typographic characters (for example, copyright (©), or em ( — ) and en ( — ) dashes). Most fonts contain a mixture of symbols and special characters that you can use in addition to the letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks available on your keyboard. Some fonts may not include the same characters as others.

The ANSI character set is a standardized numeric code that contains more than 200 numbers, letters, and symbols. Each character is represented by a numeric code (for example, the ANSI code for the uppercase letter "L" is 76). The ANSI codes for each letter, number, and symbol always remain the same, regardless of the font you are using.

You can use this ANSI code to insert the symbol into your publication.

For more information about using ANSI codes, see "Character sets and ANSI codes" in the online Help.

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