To create an index file

1 Click Publication ► Table of contents/index.

2 Click the Index tab.

3 Type a title for the index in the Title box.

5 Type a name for the chapter in which to place your index in the Chapter box.

If a chapter already exists, choose the chapter's name from the Chapter list box.

6 Type a name for the index file in the File box.

By default, the chapter's file name will be the same as the index title.

You do not have to create an index file before inserting index entries. The index entries are added to the default index and you can retrieve them when you create and update the index file. For more information about adding index entries to a publication, see "Inserting index entries" on page 315. For more information about updating an index, see "Updating an index file" on page 323.

If you create multiple indexes, you must also create index categories in order to build your multiple indexes. For more information about creating categories, see "Using index categories to create multiple indexes" on page 316.

You can create multiple index files by clicking the plus sign ( + ), typing the name of the index in the Title box, and typing a name for the index file in the File box.

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