Whats new in Corel Ventura

Corel Ventura has new and enhanced features that let you create professional-looking publications. The following table shows the new features and what they do.


What it does

Application transparency

Lets you make interface items transparent, including the menu bar, toolbars, and dockers

Bitmap effects

Lets you select from more than 50 new bitmap effects

Color management

Lets you match colors between various devices, such as scanners, digital cameras, printers, and monitors. You can access this feature by clicking Tools ► Color management.

XML import filter

Lets you import XML files

XML mapping editor

Lets you specify one-to-one mapping between XML elements and Corel Ventura tags

Direct publish to PDF

Lets you export a publication directly to the PDF file format. You can choose from the following PDF styles: Web, Print, Prepress, or PDF/-X. You can also create custom styles.

Preflight engine

Alerts you to issues which could effect the output quality of a publication. You can create and save preflight styles.


What it does

Table tags

Import/export workspaces

Lets you format tables using tags, ensuring consistent table formatting throughout a publication

Lets you import or export a customized workspace. You can share workspaces with other users.

What's different in Corel Ventura 10

With every new version of Corel Ventura, certain items are enhanced, others are renamed, and still others are found in a new location. The following table shows the items that have changed in Corel Ventura 10.


What's different

Customization controls

Adobe® Acrobat® menu item

Automatic refresh after node editing

You can now customize caption and tooltip text, modify toolbar icons, and import icons created in other applications. You can also drag commands to toolbars and menus.

The Adobe Acrobat menu item has been removed from the Publish as sub-menu of the File menu.

You can now have the screen refresh automatically as well as manually after editing nodes on a graphic object or frame.


What's different

On the Web flyout menu

You can access the Update links menu item, which lets you update the On the Web menu if URL information has changed.

Fixing broken picture links

You can now browse for and fix multiple broken links automatically in one or more chapters.

Frame alignment

The default frame alignment has changed from left to none.

Import sort type

The Import text and Import picture dialog boxes include a Sort type list box, which lets you sort the filters by description, extension, or most recently used.


The Corel Ventura Library is now called the library.


Corel Ventura Navigator is now called the navigator


Type Assist has been replaced by QuickCorrect.

Shortcut keys

New shortcut keys have been added to Grammatik® and the thesaurus. The shortcut key for the spell checker has been changed to Ctrl + F1.

Tag window

A table tag tab was added to the Tag window. You can also lock and unlock the tag tabs in the Tag window.


What's different


You can now access fill options from the Table properties and Table tag properties dialog boxes.

Text import

Improved to better import paragraph and character tags from word processing applications. You can also ignore local attributes and style attributes when importing a text file.

Menu items

You can now view command icons next to each menu item.

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